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Native Treasures


What an event!  The “Great Room” (and it was a great room!) of the new Santa Fe Convention Center literally pulsed with excitement as collectors, Memorial Weekend tourists, and many Santa Fe city dwellers explored the work of more than 180 of today’s American Indian jewelers, potters, painters, weavers and sculptors.  May 23-24 was the Museum of New Mexico Foundation’s 5th annual Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival.   The purpose is to benefit the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, one of four museums and six historical state monuments embraced within the Museum of New Mexico framework.

american_indian_potter_samuel_manymules_at_native_treasures_400 Navajo Potter Samuel Manymules Displays His Beautiful Pottery At The Native Treasures American Indian Art Show
In many ways, the event resembled an old-time high school or college homecoming.  People from New Mexico and across the United States coming to Santa Fe to spend time with those whose artistic work they collect, and to celebrate with others like themselves who have grown to love the extraordinary range of Indian arts and crafts available today.  Creativity is certainly alive and well in the American Indian art community! 

For me, the show was a very special occasion since I was able to sit and visit with old friends, American Indian artists I’ve represented over the years and with whom I’ve grown close.  So many fine Native artists gathered under one roof at a specific moment in time.

Marti Loves This Bracelet By American Indian Jeweler, Mike Bird-Romero

While at the show, I had a good talk with my old friend, jeweler Mike Bird-Romero.  Mike’s work is always changing, always imaginative and has, if anything, gotten even more interesting with the passage of time.  For an example, take a look at his wonderful silver Pueblo style bracelet with Acoma jet frog.  Mike has agreed to be our July 2009 artist, so keep an eye out for a wide range of his jewelry.   I was also taken by the pieces of Darryl and Rebecca Begay.  Their tufa-cast turquoise jewelry is stunning.  I found a belt buckle by Rebecca Begay that I especially liked.

Next May, consider joining us in Santa Fe on Memorial Day weekend to enjoy the Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival celebrating American Indian artwork.  You will be astonished, and you will love it.



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